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Re: NuTrek references in the novels

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That is not what I meant (or said) at all. You mentioned that you loathed nuTrek, so I wondering why you would know details and be able to recognize them if they showed up in other novels?
Why would you assume I wouldn't recognize it even if I loathed it? It's like saying that because I loathe nuDune, I wouldn't be able to recognize elements of it if it showed up in other novels (yes, I've read every one of those abominable books).
If you find them an abomination, why do you read them? Why watch something that you hate? I really don't understand.
In the case of the nuDune books, I wanted to find out if they would get any better. I wanted to see if Kevin J. Anderson/Brian Herbert could demonstrate that they actually understood what Frank Herbert's books were actually saying. They didn't. Also, if I'm going to criticize something, it makes more sense if I've actually read or seen what I'm criticizing, right?

So yeah, when I get the chance to see STID for free, I'll watch it. If I see something in it I like, I will be honest enough to come back here and say so. But I'm not optimistic that will be the case.
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