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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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In any case, arguing that Revelation and Dust can't stand on its own basically ignores half the book, in my opinion. For the last ten years, Trek novels have almost always split themselves up between telling standalone stories and contributing to the larger multi-novel arcs. Don't see why this one should be held to a different standard.
Because this book wasn't sold as what it turned out to be. It was a short story about Keev wrapped up in and chopped up by entirely pointless DS9 text. (Pointless, because as stated before, it had no bearing on the plot of this book.)

It was sold as standalone. Read the publisher's description, and you'll see that the book was sold as primarily a story about the new station, the reunion of familiar faces, the meeting of heads of state, and the dastardly plot. Then the description talks about answering questions about Kira's fate. I don't think the content of this book fulfilled any of that promise.

Was there a plot involving the new station? Kinda. Something happened at the new station, but it could have happened anywhere.

Was there a reunion of familiar faces? Kinda. They were all there, but they didn't do anything.

Was there a meeting of heads of state? Kinda. They certainly were there, but again, they didn't do anything.

Was there a dastardly plot? Kinda. Something happened, but the book barely addressed the plot before it was over.

Did we learn about Kira's fate? Kinda. We learned about Keev. We read about Kira watching the emissary scene again. But Kira herself? Not much until the very end of the book.

This book should be held to the same standard as any other novel. In comparison, it was a vastly incomplete book. It lacked a major plot. It lacked character arcs on any of the major characters. It contained way too much "telling" rather than "showing."

Keev's story was the only one with a complete plot and a complete story arc.
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