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Re: My Greivences of Nutrek. What makes me a hater...

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It's impossible for Marcus' plan not to have been set in motion before Nero showed up. How could he possibly have built Vengeance, in secret, in less than a year? And he clearly tells us he wanted Kirk in that seat, he helped Pike advocate for Kirk Captaining the Enterprise.
He may have been working towards something, but who says the Vengeance was built specifically with this plan in mind?
It's been hypothesized, at least, that a ship or ship class of the same basic configuration had already been in the works by the time of the events shown in Star Trek 2009, which was then repurposed or had a side project split off by Marcus/Section 31 to become the Vengeance.

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Marcus' scheme didn't even exist yet, at the end of ST09, did it? Section 31 hadn't even recovered the Botany Bay yet.
There is absolutely nothing to support this idea in either movie, while the second movie, short of having a character make a declarative, affirmative statement to confirm it, pretty much hinges on the overwhelming likelihood of Marcus having done just that--recovered the Botany Bay before the end of ST09.
Khan's description of his awakening outright said that Section 31 began aggresively searching space 'as a result of the destruction of Vulcan', leading to the discovery of the Botany bay.
Bear in mind, though, that several months must have passed between the destruction of Vulcan/defeat of Nero and the events at the conclusion of the 2009 film, in order to allow for partial recovery of Pike and major repairs to the Enterprise. It's not inconceivable that Marcus' Sec-31 operatives would have been able to locate Botany Bay and Khan during that interval.
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