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Re: Better ideas for Generations

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Wasn't one of the original ideas for GEN was to have the TOS crew vs TNG crew.

I for one love seeing old people fight.
That's the comic book formula. Two heros fight then join up to beat a nobody of a villain. I would have liked to have seen that still. My concept is that a large Vengeance type ship has a massive bridge with room for both crews to inhabit and interact.

Baddy is dealt with, but a Yesterdays Enterprise scenario follows where the 1701-A goes back to its death, and we see the Enterprise B launch with all new kids--no veterans.

And it is Kirk, not Picard who talks about how we hear of History not forgetting the name Enterprise.

But here is the kick. The 1701-A was sent back to rescue folks from the Nexus and was destroyed there.

So the whole crew might be there, somewhere...
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