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Re: Fact-Checking Inside Star Trek: The Real Story

I think this is in the Solow/Justman book, but this letter was sent to the production after screening the rough cut:

Stanley Robertson to John [Meredyth] Lucas
November 2, 1967

Dear John:

This will confirm our telephone conversation of this afternoon in which I advised you that the above rough cut, viewed by us on Tuesday afternoon, was, in the form in which screened, unacceptable. Although we realize that certain cuts in the film have been made since our viewing, we have chosen to re-screen the film and view the results of these changes tomorrow afternoon at which time we will decide on the acceptability of the episode.

We realize, John, that the episode in question was not produced by you but, as a guideline for the future, we must reiterate our position that the costuming, the implied sex, and the forms of violence as we discussed, are totally unacceptable to NBC for airing over our facilities.

We strongly urge that you pass our feelings along to your creative staff so that in the future we can avoid such a situation as we currently have facing us.


Stanley Robertson
Manager, Film Programming
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