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Re: 800th Episode - 2014 Christmas Special (Rumour's/Poss. Spoilers)

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The idea of him seeing it coming isn't limited to the new series of course, take Four/The Watcher/Five
True that. But it was just one Doctor ago that had this same reaction. 11 Doc also thought he was gonna die permanently in series 6.
All the more reason for 11 not to see it coming. We spent, what, two years having him freaking out about dying only to outsmart it in the end? And then ANOTHER episode about his death, where we see his tomb. Enough, already! Regeneration isn't death anyway, you live on...just changed.

I want to see a great Doctor Who episode that stands amazingly watchable in its own right, and then at the end the doctor just doesn't quite make it out in one piece and needs to regenerate. Channel "Caves" not "End of Time."
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