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Re: NuTrek references in the novels

Heck, much of TOS was "out of step" with other parts of TOS, since they were making it up as they went. Are they 200 years in the future or 700? Are they Vulcanians or Vulcans? Do they answer to UESPA, Space Central, or Star Fleet? Is Benecia pronounced "Be-nee-see-ya" or "Ben-uh-see-ya?" And the earliest movies were "out of step" with TOS as well -- the Klingons looked different, no recognizable technology or uniforms remained, Khan's people were no longer multiethnic, etc.

Fictional series reinvent their details as they go. It's just part of the process of refinement. You can find many contradictions within any single Trek series, so to treat the contradictions between different series as dealbreakers is a double standard.
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