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I just don't follow this this idea of Starfleet being set up "the same" as a civilian police force when one has categories of commissioned officers and petty officers and enlisted men, and the other does not.
You're too caught up on that idea.

It's simply a case that the term "police officer" is commonly used to describe anyone regardless of their rank and it seems to be the same case with "Starfleet officer."
Again, it's not a good example because the two cases are not directly comparable.
I totally disagree. I think they're completely comparable. Both use the term "officer" to describe most of their personnel, regardless of rank. Seems pretty simple, really.
Are there examples of Starfleet enlisted personnel, other than O'Brien, being referred to as officers? There may be, I just don't know of any. But it still doesn't explain "The Drumhead."
Sure, it does and rather easily. As I said earlier, the use of "Starfleet officer" as a general term for both commissioned and noncommissioned personnel doesn't preclude specifics being discussed when specifically called for.
It's even fitting if we think of Starfleet as being its own thing from another time and not a 100% exact extension of today's U.S. Navy.
I never assume it is.
Then that solves issues when Starfleet does something differently.
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