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Re: Khan the most dangerous enemy of the original crew?

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The whole Khan thing is somehow breaking the 4th wall for me. Khan is only in this film because somehow the writers think that "the franchise demands it". And that awful reveal with "My name is... Khan." (like he expected Kirk and Spock to have watched Space Seed and TWOK), and then that awful "KHHAAAAN!" scream that simply would not be there had TWOK never been made...

Similar Kirk's promotion from Cadet to Captain in the first film. The only reason for that was out-universe, because the writers thought the "franchise demanded" that the film ends with Kirk being Captain.

It's that market research style of writing that I really don't like.
Skipping the bit about Kirk's promotion: A some point it stops being beating a dead horse and becomes necrophilia

Agree--a little--on Quinto's version of the scream. Not cause it's there, but because it felt restained and he didn't sell it.

As for "My name is Khan" - He probably assumed everyone knew who he was. He's Khan, he's walking, talking, ego. Ego demands that the mere mention of his name would still carry weight centuries after his disappearance.
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