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Re: Pre TOS star cruiser....

Some small additions and small changes. The navigational dome and nacelle spikes have been made more copper coloured than gold. There has been some subtle detailing added to the upper saucer dome as well as the saucer underside although they might not be easy to spot. I next want to add some detail to the underside and aft end of the secondary hull before I finally begin working on the signage. The colours might look somewhat flat in these images but they haven't had materials and reflective values assigned to them yet. I only do that when the model is complete.

On another note I'm rethinking my Independence-class. I still like the basic concept, but I'm going to use my star clipper design as a jumping off point and modify that. Basically the central section extending aft from the saucer will be tweaked a bit and shortened as well as widened. The hangar area (behind the shark fin) will be removed as it will go into the secondary hull which will replace the single warp nacelle. I think I want to keep the impulse engines much as they are on the star clipper or some version of it. Finally nacelles with some similarity to the star clipper's nacelle will be mounted on either side of the modified centre section.
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