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Why would the Federation want to get involved in what was essentially a civil war, while helping the side THAT REFUSED TO HELP OUT THE FEDERATION in any way?!?!?
But... no one actually asked them to help. No one. Dougherty and the Sona just decided to relocate them... secretly. Once it came out the Baku were pissed. Who could blame them?

I mean... they did welcome some of the sona at the end of the movie, did they not? All it took was an hones mediator (Picard).

the Baku knew exactly why they were being moved.(the conversation between Picard and Anij at night in the village makes that clear) Their answer was obviously "no," the writer just didn't want them to have to say it explicitly.
So your problem is that they didn't sit down and negotiate with people who had pretty much made up their mind to kidnap them and pretty much steal their planet?

Thats called not being a moron.
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