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Re: Gravity - Review and Discussion Thread

Fantastic movie. I went in not really knowing what to expect, since the trailers basically made it look like we'd get one initial action sequence at the beginning, and then just... 90 minutes of Sandra Bullock slowly floating away in space. Lol

But clearly that was only the beginning of the character's problems. The way the movie kept coming up with new and unexpected challenges for her was pretty inspired, especially with how much of it resulted from simple physics and the difficulty that comes from trying to maneuver in space.

Although.... as others have suggested, it does start to seem a bit ridiculous towards the end. As thrilling and intense as the movie is, in the back of your mind you do start to wonder just what the odds are of all these crazy things happening to one person, or the likelihood of her surviving each one the way she does. By the time she nearly drowns upon crashing back to Earth, you're thinking "Really?? You couldn't let her have that one victory?" And the way the satellite debris kept destroying every place she visited was a bit much as well (I almost expected it to come raining down on her before she could make it to the beach!)

I really wish the director had cut back on at least a few of those sequences, and made the movie seem a bit less like the typical, overblown Hollywood disaster movie.
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