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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

The Conscience of the King contains some dodgy moves by Kirk. He calls in a favor to strand the Karidian Company so he can transport them. He also alter his ship's course to accommodate them. He romances Karidian's daughter. All part of his plan to expose Karidian as Kodos.

Of course earlier in the episode he chastises Leighton for doing the same thing.

KIRK: You said you discovered a new food concentrate. What am I supposed to put in my log, that you lied? That you diverted a starship with false information? You're not only in trouble, you've put me in trouble, too.
KIRK: And I have to get back to my ship and figure out how I'm going to enter all this in my log. Tom. Martha.
Hmmmm, what did he enter in his log? Would he have mentioned Leighton's lie?
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