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Which doesn't really matter if the term "officer" is the common term for all their personnel, no matter the rank. Which was the point I was making.
I just don't follow this this idea of Starfleet being set up "the same" as a civilian police force when one has categories of commissioned officers and petty officers and enlisted men, and the other does not.

As for everyone in Starfleet being called "Starfleet officers" collectively, maybe so, but I would be more convinced if there were examples of it being used for enlisted personnel other than O'Brien, whose history as an "officer" is muddled at best. Picard's line in "The Drumhead" stringly suggests that the term "officer" does not cover everyone serving in Starfleet.

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Less "over the years, and more "initially."
But "initially" lasted for years.

Referring to O'Brien as a tactical specialist probably would have been better.

Strictly speaking, was Maxwell complimenting O'Brien on being a knowledgeable tactician, or a talented gunner?
Good question. Since O'Brien wore the insignia of a lieutenant at the time, it's hard to know what to make of it.

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In today's U.S. Navy, a midshipman is a midshipman and a seaman is a seaman, regardless of gender. Same with the rank of airman in the Air Force.
Well, that's just not right.
But female yeomen is one the fundamentals of Star Trek!
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