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How do you rate the soundtrack for GTA V? I'd say it wasn't quite as solid as the revolutionary soundtrack for GTA Vice City (or Vice City Stories), but it was better than the soundtrack for GTA IV (and spin offs), and more comparable to the track selection for GTA San Andreas.
The soundtrack is alright, but I don't think any game can top the amazingness of soundtracks in the Vice City games.

I love the new radio wheel, that's a great innovation that should definitely become the new standard for GTA-clones. But the downside is that I find myself sticking to the stations I know I like instead of flicking through the stations and discovering new songs, which would happen sometimes in the previous games.

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I'm proud to say that Franklin has now become a legitimate businessman with his first acquisition - a medical marijuana dispensary. The towing company will probably be his next one.
The towing company is a waste unless you really love the towing minigame. It provides no weekly income, only $500 for each car towed, so to get a return on your investment you need to tow a whopping 300 cars.
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