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Re: In regeneration, do you look forward to the end, or the beginning?

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I suppose, when I first go into it, I'm more interested in the old Doctor's ending. But, on repeat viewings, once I've gotten to know the new Doctor a bit better, I'm more interested in seeing him show up. At least, that's definately how I've felt about "The End of Time." When I first watched it, I really wasn't sure about Matt Smith at all. I was more caught up in Tennant's departure (even as I was screaming for him to get on with it!). But now that Smith as firmly established himself as one of my favorite Doctors, I've found that the last 2 minutes of "The End of Time" is my favorite part of the episode. Now, when Matt Smith shows up, it's like my old friend has finally arrived.
I feel rather very different about the last two mins of End of Time. I feel when Smith turns up, I think to myself how awesome Smith would have been if RTD wrote for him, instead we got Moffat and a sitty era of Doctor Who, and I feel cheated out of a good doctor.
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