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Re: Should the Borg be the villain in Trek 3?

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Everything can be done to death, as many have put it. A lot of the inherent strengths of The Borg as an adversary were washed away over the years. The Borg however did have an impact in their heyday and I believe they've laid fallow for long enough - at least long enough to forget about the Borg Queen conversing with her drones, Unimatrix Zero and transphasic torpedoes.

However, strip them back to their original concept and - with a significant enough budget to fully realise what an horrific force of nature they can be - I'm in. At their best, The Borg are a fantastic adversary - regardless of which Captain is in the chair.
The original concept has no chance with these authors. If you complain about the introduction of the Borg Queen, you surely will not want to see what Orci & Co come up with.
Regrettably, I agree.
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