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Re: NuTrek references in the novels

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How would you know that something is a nuTrek detail if you loathe nuTrek, and therefore, presumably, have not seen nuTrek?
You think I would love it if only I'd watch it?
That is not what I meant (or said) at all. You mentioned that you loathed nuTrek, so I wondering why you would know details and be able to recognize them if they showed up in other novels?
Why would you assume I wouldn't recognize it even if I loathed it? It's like saying that because I loathe nuDune, I wouldn't be able to recognize elements of it if it showed up in other novels (yes, I've read every one of those abominable books).

Besides... this forum is full of spoilers all over the place. Since I mainly post in the Trek areas, it's impossible to avoid seeing details of nuTrek. I knew quite a few details of the 2009 movie long before ever seeing it, and it lived down to my expectations and beyond. Why should I assume (from the spoilers and discussion I've seen here) that the second movie would be any better? Have the actors actually learned how to act in the meantime? Is Wesley/Chekov any less annoying? Have they fixed the rest of what was crap about the first movie?

Didn't think so.

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Yeah, I've read that book several times. I never saw "Here Come the Brides" and had actually never heard of it before reading the book. So that part wasn't what annoyed me. It was the Doctor Who reference (the race who live in the "constellation of Kasterborus", aka the Gallifreyans) that annoyed me, since the in-universe physics and Earth history of Doctor Who and Star Trek are completely incompatible.
It annoyed you, but was it enough to ruin the novel for you and wish you'd never bought it? It was an extremely minor part of the book. And what about the Star Wars and (original) BSG references in that novel? I suspect that, like me, you never even noticed them. Here is the full list:
Several other television characters appear throughout the book. In San Francisco, Spock plays chess with a gunfighter dressed in black who matches the description of Richard Boone's character Paladin in the TV series Have Gun Will Travel (pages 180-182). Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry is credited for writing 24 episodes of this series.

The British TV series Doctor Who is referenced at least four times: the Fourth Doctor is described on page 13,Metebelis crystals from the serials The Green Death and Planet of the Spiders are mentioned on page 57, the Second Doctor is described on page 154, and Kirk recalls legends of a planet of stagnant time-travellers in the Kasteroborous galaxy on page 200.

Numerous other Western and science fiction characters make cameo appearances throughout the book. Page 13 features Han Solo ("a scruffy-looking spice smuggler") from Star Wars as well as Apollo and Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica ("a pair of brown-uniformed pilots from some down-at-the-heels migrant fleet"). Pages 153-154 feature Little Joe Cartwright and his brother Hoss Cartwright from Bonanza ("a good-looking boy in the dusty clothes of a trailhand just in from Virginia City, and his oxlike older brother") and Bret or Bart Maverick from Maverick. Emperor Norton and his dogs also appear. Matt Dillon (Gunsmoke), Lucas McCain (The Rifleman), The Rawhide Kid (Rawhide), and the Man With No Name also make appearances.

And by that same token, how do you feel when places or people from Deep Space Nine or Enterprise are referenced in TOS novels?
The Doctor Who references jumped out at me because I know Classic Whovian history and Star Trek history (in-universe) are 100% incompatible with each other. They don't belong in a pro novel unless it's upfront that the work is a crossover.

As for the various westerns... I've seen a lot of Bonanza episodes, the SW and BSG references slipped my mind (I'll have to re-read this novel, obviously), and other than a few Gunsmoke episodes, I never saw those other shows. We had a grand total of 1 or 2 channels when I was growing up and those shows were new, so I never did have the chance to see them.

It seems like you're describing the novel version of a Mel Brooks movie, when you don't recognize most of the in-jokes.

It would be bizarre to see DS9 references in a TOS novel (unless the novel were taking place late in Spock's life) since none of those episodes happened throughout most of the TOS time.

References to Enterprise annoy me, since I don't acknowledge that series' validity as real Star Trek, either. It's just too out of step to have been what leads up to TOS.
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