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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

I finished up Vanguard with In Tempests Wake and then read Revelations and Dust. Now I'm about half way through The Crimson Shadow.

So far Crimson Shadow is a real page-turner. I'm loving the interaction between Picard and Garak. Overall I enjoyed Revelations and Dust, but large parts of the book left me wondering why we were spending so much time on these plot threads, that didn't seem to go anywhere. I'm guessing this is laying the groundwork for one of the other novels.

I liked the tidying up of some of Vanguard's plot threads in In Tempests Wake to set the stage for Paths of Disharmony. It would've been nice if we'd had a bit more of the vanguard characters, rather than predominantly the crew of the Enterprise, but overall I thought it was a good epilogue.
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