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Re: Better ideas for Generations

An interesting puzzle. Well, here's my idea...

The whole premise of Soren's plot seems ridiculous--not least because it gives the ST universe a weapon that can destroy stars! C'mon, and they're worried about the Borg after that?

So drop that. Since some folks so want the idea of "passing the torch" do it some other way. Theme of death? Okay, begin with Admiral McKoy's funeral, where Picard can have a talk with Ambassador Spock. But it isn't just a cameo. Spock has also been asked to brief Picard about a strange event--the truth behind the death of Admiral James T. Kirk...

Essentially this would entail something about an experiment involving an alien device found on the planet Alpha Omega VI, one of only three planets Starfleet is forbidden to visit. Now the Enterprise D must do so, because the device has become active again.

We have a flashback to Admiral Kirk among those visiting the archeologists on Alpha Omega VI, amid weird ruins and wierder tech. What seems to be a key of some kind activates, with an energy field that reaches out and seemingly disintegrates Kirk and the planet's moon! Sensor analysis indicates all three were displaced in time.

En route to Alpha Omega VI, the crew examines the logs and sensor readings. Data agrees with one particular theory, that some ancient race was trying to find a way to exist outside of time, to achieve immortality.

When the Enterprise D reaches its destination, they find space itself upset. Time is becoming unglued. They need to find a way to turn this off somehow, but while on the planet Kirk appears! He agrees to help them, noting he feels increasingly alive by the life-or-death situation. While the crew on ship have to deal with problems in space (like the sudden re-appearance of a moon), the Away Team with Kirk have to find a way to turn the machine off at the source. Ultimately, Kirk sacrifices himself to accomplish this.

Or something like that.
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