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Re: Pre-TOS five year missions in the books

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IIRC, the TMP novelization says something about the Enterprise being the first of its class to return from a 5YM with the ship and its crew "relatively unscathed"
Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise goes one further, and says Kirk's Enterprise was the only one of the original 13 Constitution-class ships to return at all. Shane Johnson uses this to justify the Enterprise's extensive refit (she and her crew are famous now) and the Enterprise emblem being adopted fleet-wide.
Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens later went against this in The Ashes of Eden, where it's mentioned that Androvar Drake managed to bring his Constitution-class starship back from its 5-year mission only a month after Kirk returned from his; Kirk being the first starship captain in history to do so.

Of course, other sources would later contradict this account, with Captain Pike having commanded several successful 5-year missions before Kirk, but that's pretty much par for the ST-continuity course.
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