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Re: NuTrek references in the novels

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Yeah, I could live with a warning like that. As for "trace amounts" of crossover or "reimagined" stuff... I feel the same way when I see nuDune nonsense inserted into a story that claims to be Dune.

Write all the nuTrek books you want. Just don't try to pass them off as real Trek, and keep cross-contamination out of it. The nuTrek fans will be happy with the book and the people who loathe nuTrek can safely ignore it. After all, it doesn't help when a reader sees some mention of a nuTrek detail of a character's life in a TOS book and mutters, "WTF!!! This author doesn't know what he/she's talking about!" when it doesn't match real Trek details.
How would you know that something is a nuTrek detail if you loathe nuTrek, and therefore, presumably, have not seen nuTrek?
You think I would love it if only I'd watch it?

I saw the 2009 movie when it came on TV. Yes, I loathed it. Most of the actors come across like plastic models. Wesley - I mean Chekov - is ridiculous. McCoy (the actor looks like a dead ringer for the actor who played Gary Mitchell, btw), running around, jamming hypos into Kirk every chance he gets? It was probably supposed to be funny, but it just seemed stupid. The list of what I hate about it goes on and on.

Yeah, I'll watch STID - when I can see it for free, since I don't think it's worth spending money on. After all, if I'm going to complain about it, I should know what there is to complain about. From what I've seen here, it's full of pointless explosions, and they've ripped off a lot of TWoK (thereby showing that they don't seem able to come up with any original plots). Oh, and nuCarol really needs to eat a sandwich or a dozen. From the photos posted here, she looks anorexic.

I knew that.

If you mix the two indiscriminately, you confuse the readers who are unfamiliar with what they haven't seen.

At least I guess we should be thankful that there were no pointless sex changes of the characters like they did with nuBSG.

Yeah, I've read that book several times. I never saw "Here Come the Brides" and had actually never heard of it before reading the book. So that part wasn't what annoyed me. It was the Doctor Who reference (the race who live in the "constellation of Kasterborus", aka the Gallifreyans) that annoyed me, since the in-universe physics and Earth history of Doctor Who and Star Trek are completely incompatible.

I enjoyed this novel. But remember that at the end of the story, everything was reset to the proper timeline.

Okay, Best Destiny...

In the past, some forty-five years earlier, the reader is introduced to a young Jimmy Kirk. At 16 years old, he embodies every parent's worst fears: he is brash, rebellious, impulsive, cocky, and reckless. He is first seen leading a group of similarly rebellious (and criminal) youths on a barely-considered scheme to "escape" from Iowa, sign onto an ocean-going freight vessel as underage deckhands (itself illegal), and make their fortune somewhere in South America. Even at this young age, it is clear that Jimmy is a leader, but he is completely directionless. His father's long absences on Starfleet assignments and his own experiences on Tarsus IV have made him angry and violent, as well as impatient for the right to make his own decisions and live his own life.


....Although Jimmy displays his usual rudeness and lack of respect for authority on the trip up from the Earth's surface,... even Jimmy is impressed by his first view of Enterprise.
Damn it!

Anyone have a list of books they used? Cause I'm seeing a lot of old Trek contaminating Nu-Trek.
I've gone on record on this forum as stating that (in my opinion, of course) basically everything Diane Carey has written is written badly, and I really don't like it.
Point is, like the sources of not, they put in the effort to build the reboots on the foundations of Trek's past and didn't just limit themselves to the movies and TV shows. You can argue with the presentation, but the heart was there in the effort.

As for STID being a TWOK rip off: Anyone that has seen the movie and says that with a straight face is just bitching to bitch. Khan, and his backstory, and one scene aside, the movie is its own story not a remake of TWOK or Space Seed.
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