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Thanks guys! SolitaryJustice, yes, I'm just using the free version, though I also have quite a few plugins which help (they're free too, which is also nice! If you're interested I highly recommend fredo6's plugins).

anyway, some more shots of the model, sans backgrounds this time. I'm feeling pretty happy with this as it is, perhaps just a few textures and maybe a landing deck interior to add, if I get around to it. feel free to point out any glaring errors, though!

and because I can't leave well enough alone, I started work on another ship, this time from the generation before Yorktown, the USS Odyssey

Plan view with some other ships

basic shapes

working up the nacelles

testing some panelling ideas

trying to add some more 'realistic' panelling and rougher details, suggesting this is a bit more of a 'tin can' than the later ships

more to come!
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