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Re: NuTrek references in the novels

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At least I guess we should be thankful that there were no pointless sex changes of the characters like they did with nuBSG.
With all due respect to Dirk Benedict, I'll take Katee Sackhoff as Starbuck anyday!
Considering that I was in high school when Battlestar Galactica was on TV and had a poster of Dirk Benedict on my bedroom wall, I think it's understandable that we disagree on the actors. But my point is that there was no point to the sex changes between original BSG and nuBSG..
But as long as it works, what difference does it make? NuStarbuck was a great character in her own right. Who cares if the old version was a man? That was then; this is now. Ditto for turning Boomer into a woman. Didn't hurt the show at all.

None of this stuff is sacred or untouchable. I mean, look at ELEMENTARY. They made Dr. Watson an Asian-American woman and it works just fine. Fidelity to the original source is hardly mandatory, as long as you can reinvent the stories and characters in an engaging way.

(Oh, just to date myself, I was in college when the first BSG debuted and I had a poster of Boris Karloff in my dorm room. Not quite the same thing as Dirk Benedict, I admit!)
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