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Re: OT - Personal Request / Contest

Well, an update. Arthur's got his headband.

I decided on a general design... All grey, with some kind of patch/insignia on the larger right half. On the left I'm thinking some text in an Airborne font -- maybe his name, like a personnel ID, or "USS ENTERPRISE," like standard landing party gear. Horizontal stripes around the sides, with a yellow arrow like on the secondary hull of the Enterprise.

I admit this looked a lot snazzier in my mind than it does in layout...

Any suggestions on how to spruce it up a bit?

Also -- does anybody have experience with real airbrushes? I'm under strict orders from the orthodist not to apply heat to the device, but for paint to properly adhere without heat, I'll need more than the one-hour per day he's allowed to be out of the headband...

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