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Re: What Are You Wearing?


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^I saw a charcoal grey leopard print dress that I'm dying for. And I bet a guy could actually pull of a subtle grey leopard shirt under a suit if he was feeling flashy.
I'd love to see that on the right guy! "Subtle grey" is exactly the kind of leopard print that I like anyway. Iguana, we're waiting...

I'm 5'3" too, so add another gal who can share your wardrobe! It's actually kind of an awkward height for a woman as well; I find I'm generally too short for regular sizes and too tall for petite sizes. Though on the plus side, it means I can shop both in regular and petite sections, which gives me a lot of options. I've definitely found this a bonus when shops don't have a skirt or dress I want in my size: if they don't have a 4 or a 6 I can fit in a 6 or an 8 petite. I wish I could just afford to have everything custom made, though!
Good description of being 5'3"!

I was telling my hair stylist today what you said about the Atomic Turquoise lasting so well. She wasn't surprised at all. Said Manic Panic is better than most of the "professional" brands. So we may do turquoise one day.

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