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Pretty much this. Calling everybody a Starfleet Officer is silly mostly because it doesn't even make sense with relation to the meaning of the term. Just ask Sergey Rozhenko. He seemed to take pride in his former NCO status with Chief O'Brien in "Family." That and I've seen how enlisted personnel respond when you mistake them for an officer.
But then O'Brien is constantly referred to as an officer, even on DS9, and even to his face. Example, in Sons of Mogh O'Brien is about to speak in Worf's defense but Sisko cuts him off saying "I've already got one officer defending Worf, I don't need another." Although every time I watch that episode I always say "you won't, since he's not an officer" at that point.

But really, most of the time Trek has shown other enlisteds something is usually screwed up. There are several examples of enlisted people going to the Academy, even O'Brien. Calling them "officers" is hardly worth getting upset about.
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