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Martians, Nazis, Ghosts and Demons

Since January 2010, Westward has published a full color comic strip every weekday. Westward is a serial space adventure about mankind's first reckless steps into deep space in a starship torn by conflicting agendas and deep conspiracies. Complex and mind-bending, the story is inspired by classic sci-fi but delves into a tangled web of intrigue, revelations and existential horror.

As Westward nears its 1,000th strip, a Kickstarter campaign has been launched to fund its further expansion: The production of not one, but two full color comic strips every weekday. The goal is to tell a parallel story, related to the main Westward storyline but distinct in tone and setting: A post-apocalyptic supernatural family drama.

If a daily dose of original sci-fi adventure appeals to you, and a double dose appeals even more, check out and its October Kickstarter campaign, where you can watch a video explaining more about the project's history and goals. Westward is completely free, and its entire archive of nearly 1,000 strips is open for viewing.

Communists. Nazis. Martians. Westward. A comic of drama, intrigue and weird adventure in space and time.
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