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Re: State of Languages in the Federation

grendelsbayne wrote: View Post
Did Spock learn English because of his mother?
It would seem likely. Spock's mother was said to have been a school teacher, while never made clear in-universe, I always imagined that she taught English to Vulcan students.

Do the Betazoids and the Risians even have their own language?
Betazed children (the majority) can't communicate telepathically until puberty, so the Betazed would need to have a spoken language

If you disabled every universal translator, would a Federation starship be rendered almost completely unable to function ...
There was a episode of Farscape where everyone's translator microbes stopped working, none of them spoke any of the other's languages.

iguana_tonante wrote: View Post
All Federation officials would probably speak this language too, to ease communications in government, and the same applies to most Federation citizens
Problem there is how many of the multiple species with membership in the federation would be able to form the spoken words in each other languages? Would a person from Cait be able to annunciate English, even with instruction?

Look at it this way, apes can be taught sign language in order to communicate (to a limited degree) with Humans, but they can't be taught to speak to us because their vocal apparatus is incapable of producing Human speech.

iguana_tonante wrote: View Post
yet Star Trek has always been very cavalier with English as the default human language.
I frequently watch Star Trek in Spanish.

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