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Re: Warp Engine Efficiency Changes....

As a side note, the Intrepid/Constitution contrast gives us a nice place to examine the relative usefulness of nacelle as part of hull volume.

Specifically of the 210,000 m of volume available to a Constitution approximately 25% or 54,000 m is dedicated to warp nacelles. (The number is similar for the refit)

For the 625,000 m Intrepid the ratio is much smaller. 17,000 m per nacelle, or 34,000 m total which is 5.5% of total volume.

We do know that Voyager when landing seems to be much more "back" heavy in that the nacelles are capable of counteracting the weight of the primary hull. The density of the rear half of the ship then becomes at least 50%, and given the relative volume of the hulls, most of the extra mass is probably in the nacelles.

If we assume uniform distribution of mass on the Constitution and something of a 15% mass of Voyager in her nacelles, (leaving something like a 50/35 split for her primary hull/secondary hull) we have comparative nacelle masses of:
Constitution - 212,500 tons
Intrepid - 105,000 tons

So per ton of nacelle...
Constitution - 4 total tons/ton of nacelle
Intrepid - 6.67 total tons/ton of nacelle

And...(Rounded to the nearest cubic meter)
Constitution - 1 m/ton of nacelle
Intrepid - 6 m/ton of nacelle

And finally on a volume basis(Rounded to the nearest cubic meter):
Constitution - 3 payload volume m/m of nacelle
Intrepid - 17 payload volume m/m of nacelle
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