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Re: "Defiance" worth it?

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The first several episodes are world-building, where you get to gradually learn what this transformed Earth is now about and get to know the people (and aliens) who live on it. By the time of the first season finale, seeds that were planted here and there since the first episode come to fruition and it suddenly becomes an all-new ballgame.

I'm not really a big fan of post-apocalyptic stuff, but since I was born and raised in St. Louis, I gave it a shot. I liked it enough to actually be looking forward to season two.
Heh, my main interest in it (other than the fact it's SciFi) is Fionnula Flanagan. It's worth trying it out to see Julie Benz, but, Fionnula is DA BOMB!!! (And who knows how many more roles we'll be able to see her in, she is almost 72 afterall, so she may not want to be a Main Cast character in a future show)
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