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Re: Gravity - Review and Discussion Thread


Excellent film. Sandra Bullock rocks it as the protagonist (and she looks friggin buff). Visually amazing. Saw it in 2D. Still stunning imagery. There are several gruesome deaths and corpses shown, so I wouldn't take my 8 year old but that's up to you, I guess. Great use of sound and silence, characters were enjoyable and believable. Tech seemed all real world. For the most part the science seemed right to me, except for maybe the last bit of the climax, but whatever. At least people weren't popping like balloons ala Outland. NASA thinks it's got problems now? The movie's NASA is boned. Game over, man. Game over.

Gripping, exciting, survival character piece. My favorite space flick since Moon. And to have the entire film take place in zero-g, I think, may be a first. No flashbacks, no ground control. You're with the astronauts until the end.
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