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Re: First Trailer for "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" drops

Why do they feel the need to "actionize" a character most of the general audience doesn't even remember?

Go out on the street and ask people who Jack Ryan is as opposed to James Bond/Jason Bourne or Ethan Hawke (might need to mention Tom Cruise for people to get that one).

Jack Ryan was never a big franchise so you can't bank on that name alone so what's the point if you are going to violate the character and turn him into Jason Bourne light?

I don't get studio CEO thinking at all.. they apparently twisted the character so much he's not Jack Ryan anymore but generic young guy who gets to save the world.

Maybe the trailer is misleading and i'm doing the movie injustice and these are the only action sequences in an otherwise good spy thriller but i somehow doubt it. Characters nowadays don't feel real if they can't kick ass once in a while, don't they? Can't have a desk jockey save the world through brilliant intelligence work and thinking ahead
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