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DSEV Discovery (Not strictly Star Trek, but heavily Star Trek based!)

My latest pet project. It came about after thinking that, from a structural standpoint, that the designs of Starfleet and most other organizations in the Star Trek universe don't seem totally suited to how space works. For example, I've always found it strange that the nacelles aren't vertically opposed. I also just kind of assumed before I got into it that the saucer spun to provide artificial gravity. So I present this: The Deep Space Exploratory Vessel Discovery.

(Mrs. Sketchup lady standing on the saucer guide track for scale.)

A few notable things:
-The impulse engines are the smaller nacelles, pointing (arbitrarily) port and starboard.
-The Warp Nacelles are the larger ones, the struts pointing dorsal and ventral.
-The disk is the primary work and habitation environment, with artificial gravity provided by spinning when the ship is on a constant trajectory or in orbit.
-The bridge (or "hub") is at the core of the disk, and provides a passage between the disk and the rest of the ship.
-To give some comfort to engineers working at the reactor in the secondary hull, there are several rings throughout the hull that rotate to provide a low level of gravity (when in orbit or a constant trajectory.)

The ship itself is about 630 feet long.

In this alternate reality, I've chosen to knock out artificial gravity and transportation from the repertoire of sci-fi fibs. One still has to keep a form of warp drive to cruise the galaxy, of course, so it's sort of the "One big lie" trope.

Thinking about sketching up what I think some of the interior spaces would look like.
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