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I have to admit that I've been pretty disappointed by the Typhon Pact story arc as a whole. I haven't enjoyed a Trek book since 'Synthesis'. After the epic sheer destructiveness of Destiny, which i wholeheartedly enjoyed I was looking forward to a return to exploration based stories. This was briefly done by Titan but it quickly got caught up in Typhon Pact shenanigans.

I'm just tired of continual conflict. There is enough of it going on in real life that i don't need to have a string of books dedicated to it.

Bring back the stories of new worlds and new civilisations. Titan and Aventine need to be WAY OUT THERE, seeing wonders that no one has ever seen.
And I'm sick of new worlds and new civilisations stories : TOS, TNG, Voyager and Enterprise on TV, several hundred's the political intrigue that's making Treklit so interesting thesedays. Titan is one of my least favourite titles for that very reason. There's no need to waste the Aventine in that manner. Titan and Voyager novels fit the new worlds brief and Seekers is coming soon too.

My point is, there is already plenty of both types of story - we both appreciate opposite ends of the Trek spectrum, but we're both catered for...
Don't get me wrong, I should have clarified that I do like political intrigue and conflict and not wholly against it at all. I mean every story ever written has conflict in one form or another.

Your response got me thinking about why i'm not engaging with the typhon pact novels. Initially I was pretty excited by the concept of the Typhon Pact. I really enjoyed Zero sum game but didn't enjoy Seize the fire, rough beast of empire or paths of disharmony. I think because of that, I haven't really engaged with the following novels.

I don't think it's actually the theme or plotline that has put me off. In the case of Seize the fire it was terrible writing and Rough beasts I didn't enjoy the structure of the book and it felt laboured. I think it's been the quality of some of the books that has me losing interest.

I do really want to read The Fall so I think i'm going to do a big trek re-read and see if my opinion changes.

Also I do think Aventine does need at least one stand alone book where it puts it's slipstream drive to good use and does some exploring

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