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Re: Most erotic scene in Star Trek?

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"The Price" from TNG. Troi beds a negotiator and they're rolling around in bed, and then Troi straddles him and starts rubbing some oil on his chest.

I always thought TNG was pretty tame but this scene would stand up against the best of them.

Also one of my most embarrassing moments as a ten year old child. I'd been telling my mother what a great show TNG was and she agreed to sit with me one week to watch...
Awkwaaaaaard lol. It's funny how trek episodes can start off as normal then slowly move into a scene like that.

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For a show that's supposedly about an enlightened future, Star Trek as a whole really is quite juvenile when it comes anything sexually related.
Perhaps because it couldn't always decide whether to portray itself as a family show, high drama, or strict science fiction.

Like most of the time they keep the content PG rated, and then out of nowhere they'll throw on some real adult related material.

An example would be in Menage La Troi, when Luaxana Troi lays down and lets Damon Tog 'have her'.

Then later on, like in Voyager, they couldn't even get Seska to say she extracted Chakotay's 'sperm' cells.

Better to say she 'extracted his DNA '.

By the way, the scene between Tog and Luaxana was kind of erotic--in a creepy way.
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