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Re: What Makes Good Writing?

Good is subjective. Sure there are technical aspects that you learn in school, but that's not about good storytelling. Then you have format. Visual storytelling like film, comics and theater is different than prose. And the various types of visual storytelling are different from each other and require different skill sets. Comic book writer/artist John Byrne has a few stories about scripts he would receive for a comic where the writer had written it in a "film format", full of al sorts of filmmaking terms that do not translate to comics.

Then you have personal choice and style. My writing partner is very detail oriented. All the "ts" need to be crossed and the "i" dotted. His solution to "plots holes" in a film is to add a snippet of dialog. I'm a little looser and prefer something less cluttered and left to the reader or viewer's imagination. Not every action needs to be explained. So there is some give and take when we write.
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