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Re: Sunrise *behind* Enterprise after launch in ST1

[QUOTE=Chuck4;8727136... it is unlike the group is geostationary without being geosynchronous. If it were, everything in the group have to constantly apply power and expand energy to fight earth's gravity to keep station.[/quote]Thisd is what I believe is happening, not just in this instants, but also when the Enterprise is over a fixed spot on a planet.

... A star ship without functioning engines like the enterprise undergoing refit would have to be physically held up, and wouldn't just float effortlessly in the middle of its refit dock.
This is part of what the 'drydock" does, think about it, doesn't the drydock seem overly massive if all it's doing is holding arrays of lights?

Part of what it is doing is holding the ship at that altitude, an artificial gravity bubble. I think it also provides shields to protect the people working on the ship from solar radiation if needed.

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