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Re: What Makes Good Writing?

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Pizza. Pizza makes good food.
Definitely pizza. Haters gonna hate. If you don't like it, you're in the minority and you're an elitist. With more than 65,000 pizza restaurants, $36.2 billion worth of pizza was sold in 2010, according to the trade publication PMQ Pizza Magazine. It makes huge profits. People are buying it. That means it's good. Period. I can't imagine why people would say over and over how much they hate pizza and keep shoving their reasons down our throats. Nobody ever complains about other food. Only pizza.

LittleCaeserSucks wrote:
The way they make pizza today makes me sick. It's bigger, more colorful, but it's really just oozing with grease and artificial flavors. Where's the real stuff? They shine all sorts of bright lights on it, but that's not fooling me. I miss the days when a tomato was a tomato. Papa John is an idiot and you guys are idiots for eating the crap he serves!
That's your opinion. Billion$ of other taste buds can't be wrong.

Papa John wrote:
I make better pizza with better ingredients. Screw the haters. they're making the people in the kitchen mad. It's embarrassing. If we're not careful, the cooks will go back to making (*gasp*) original crust pizza. Ugh. Long live today's pizza! Pizza is here to stay. Get over it.
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