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Re: Starfleet Procurement Policy Draft

From the way I have the timeline going, Ambassador production basically stalls out at the end of 2340, with Laundu and co. basically scuttling the programme. By the time Mehdi takes over in 2345, production's been paused for 5 years, and he's got the huge mess of ships piling up in dockyards and surplus depots to deal with.

Given that Starfleet dockyards (as opposed to civilian yards) are the ones used for refitting/modernization, having that huge backlog precluded starting new hulls in the only yards that could build Ambassador class ships. Basically it made more sense from a fleet strength pov to build/fit out new Excelsiors and Mirandas en masse in civilian yards while the precious Starfleet yards focused on keeping up with refits and modernizations of ships deemed too important to retire. That plus the fact that the first generation of Ambassador-class ships would be coming in for refits/rebuilds (pretty extensive ones if the changes between Enterprise and Yamaguchi are any indication), the facilities weren't there until well into the early 2350s. At that point Nebula production was only a couple years off and Galaxy would be ready in less than 5 years anyway, so there wasn't any real point in tying up the dockyard slips with building new Ambassador-class ships.
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