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The most liked episode of DS9: Season 7 we are. Season 7. Before we get started, here are the results so far:

Season 1: "Duet"
Season 2: "The Wire"
Season 3: "The Die is Cast"
Season 4: "The Visitor"
Season 5: "Trials and Tribble-ations"
Season 6: "In the Pale Moonlight"

Now it's time to vote for your favorite episode from season 7. After we're done with each season, we'll vote for the favorite overall.

The poll will be open for a week to give as many people a chance to vote as possible. Comment on your favorite, but don't forget to vote!


Well, I'm going with "What You Leave Behind." Everyone goes their separate ways, yet somehow the ending is right. I loved the way they made sure to give on-screen closure as much as possible with this series and not just in the last episode. In this episode specifically, the scene at Vic's Lounge with everyone together one last time, all of the scenes with people saying goodbye to each other, the montage scenes starting with O'Brien picking up that little toy soldier (*tear*), Kira picking up Sisko's baseball (he'll be back), and the final scene with Kira putting her arm around Jake as the "camera" slowly backs away from the station with that lonely trumpet theme playing. What a great ending. What a great show.
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