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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

Imminent Anterior Aneurysm wrote: View Post
While I appreciate that it "works for you" JarodRussell, it opens a different can of worms which require other script revisions
Oh, any large change to a script will require other revisions, I didn't think Jarod was claiming you could just cut the sequence out of one place and drop it in another. The idea is moving in the right direction because the problems it raises are soluble.

No matter how fast the Vengeance is, for example (and this problem is particularly easy to solve if, as Abrams has clearly done and many an SF production before him has done, you've decided that the ships will move at the Speed of Drama), there's still a lag -- apparently long enough to cover most of the distance between Kronos and Earth -- between embarking on the chase and catching-up that could be used to hide the ship. The Enterprise wings around the corner of a moon in the outer system and the pursuing Vengeance find she's "disappeared."

(This of course can only happen if Kirk and company already know about the Vengeance's "trans-warp" technology... which provides a way to solve the other small problem of why Khan doesn't think to tell anyone about that until the Enterprise has been caught and very nearly blown out of space and Khan along with it. On this version of things, Khan mentions it upfront... potentially another improvement depending on how it's handled.)

David.Blue wrote:
If by PT you mean a continuation of the Berman-style Trek methinks the answer would be "No." My own impression (and this is just my own) remains that fans and audience en masse want a new direction.
Certainly true for me. The concept behind the Trek reboot is solid.
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