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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

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@Praetor - on the TMP Enterprise, are you referring to the circular docking port on the engineering hull not lining up with the flight deck of the shuttlebay? If so, it's because the docking ring is higher than the deck and you'd need a ramp to come down. (Andrew Probert made that clarification.)
Yessir. Thanks for reminding me of that.

Mytran wrote: View Post
Regarding the issues with the E-refit, maybe the decks in the secondary hull are simply a little taller? At the very least we know that the ceiling height for Main Engineering is 12'
Great point. I hadn't quite gotten there, but I think maybe so. I'm making an effort with these to keep the refit and the TOS decks as consistent as humanly possible, so it might be something I'd do for both.

As for the landing deck not aligning with the bottom of the doors, I've concluded it's a simple matter to lift the landing deck from the deck to allow for more deck space in the hangar beneath... of course if I increase all the engineering hull deck heights, that may no longer matter.

The Librarian wrote: View Post
The botanical garden being a bit off makes sense to me, since it would need a larger space than normal and so its interior might not line up with the rest of the deck. You'd need room for plants, soil, and whatnot unless all you plan to have is a few flowers.
Another great point.
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