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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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My comments come down to "if it had been better written it would have been a better movie."
Better written by whose standards?

The only thing you've offered up is some vague "they" who have had "conversations" about what constitutes good writing.

You could destroy most movies ever made if you went over them with as fine a comb as some folks are going over Star Trek Into Darkness with.

Did I like Star Trek Into Darkness the first time I saw it? Yes. Do I think the story holds up on subsequent viewings? Yes (I've seen it seven times total). Do I think it has some flaws? Yes. I thought the transition from Harrison to Khan was awkward. I, personally, have some confusion about the torpedoes. But those two flaws don't come close to sinking the movie for me.

I'm currently reading the first book from the Star Trek: The Fall mini-series. It really isn't doing anything for me and I've posted exactly twice (in two different threads) about it without trying to insult the person who wrote it:

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For those who bought Star Trek: The Fall: Crimson Shadow because the paperback was on sale at Amazon, you spent too much. The eBook is now cheaper at $4.55.
Thanks for the heads up.

I was going to skip the rest of 'The Fall' based on how underwhelming the first book has been so far and having other things to read. But I figure $4.55 is too good to pass up especially since I enjoyed McCormack's last Trek novel.
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Does this get any better?

I usually love George's work but I'm about seventy pages in and am really struggling to even care what's going on and the pace of the book is brutally slow.
If something is as offensive to your sensibilities as Star Trek Into Darkness seems to be, I would think that you'd find something to do with your time that would be more to your liking. The movie is in the can, there's no changing it now.
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