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Re: My name is.....SORAN!

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The writers of 'space seed' did try to make Khan look good in several scenes - like the one you quoted in your previous post - which transforms Kirk&co into far right sympathisers - and the one you just quoted.
The writers overreached - said turning of Kirk&co into far right sympathisers.

Khan was a dictator - he conquered hundreds of millions - at least -; the wars to end his oppression cost tens of millions of lives. In 'space seed', all he did was try to take over the ship of the people who rescued him by any means necessary - including killing them.
Having a slick tongue does not make one any less of a savage.
In 'the wrath of khan', enterprise, etc. this is more than confirmed.
Yea, you're no less a savage because you give people a chance to bow down before you and submit to being a subject of your tyranny, then you are to murder and torture those who won't bow down and submit (Because it's quite plain the people will be subjected to one of those options)
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