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Hmmm, this is an iteresting debate.

I'm a Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Army and while I am referred to as an Officer I am also referred to as a Soldier.

Alot of time we also say "Army personnel" or "Air Force personnel" since we work in a joint office, but we are referring to ALL Army or ALL AF personnel, officer and enlisted included.

We have one Navy Officer in our unit. I've told her on a couple of occassions that the only way I learned their officer rank structure was from watching Star Trek. (The isigna is the same but the "names" are different).
Pretty much this. Calling everybody a Starfleet Officer is silly mostly because it doesn't even make sense with relation to the meaning of the term. Just ask Sergey Rozhenko. He seemed to take pride in his former NCO status with Chief O'Brien in "Family." That and I've seen how enlisted personnel respond when you mistake them for an officer.
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