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Re: What Are You Wearing?

^I saw a charcoal grey leopard print dress that I'm dying for. And I bet a guy could actually pull of a subtle grey leopard shirt under a suit if he was feeling flashy.

I'm 5'3" too, so add another gal who can share your wardrobe! It's actually kind of an awkward height for a woman as well; I find I'm generally too short for regular sizes and too tall for petite sizes. Though on the plus side, it means I can shop both in regular and petite sections, which gives me a lot of options. I've definitely found this a bonus when shops don't have a skirt or dress I want in my size: if they don't have a 4 or a 6 I can fit in a 6 or an 8 petite. I wish I could just afford to have everything custom made, though!

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