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Re: Hon, make me a sandwich

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I would love to try rye bread just for the sake of trying something you always see somebody ordering a sandwhich with in the movies and on TV.
Next time I come to GB I'll bring you some Bavarian sour-dough rye bread with spices The traditional stuff.
I can see customs now....

Customs officer "Ok, one more time, you said you brought this bread into the country for somebody you spoke to on the internet, is that correct?"

Rhubarbodendron "Yes"

CO " And where on the "internet" did you meet this bread enthusiast if i may ask"

RH " On a Star Trek site"

CO " Oh, On A STAR TREK site, how very convenient, i suppose the fact that you are breaking the law by smuggling bread into the UK never crossed your mind then did it?"

RH " Well no, it's not like it's illegal to bring bread into the UK"

CO " It's NOT!, oh, well welcome to the UK and have a nice day.....but i will be watching you matey".

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