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Re: Roland Emmerich & Dean Devlin want to make Independence Day 2 (ID4

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I don't understand why they couldn't have an eco-suit tip thing like in ID4. But then there is no way to kill them if they just stick on a raincoat.
Ah, but you're forgetting that they are also vulnerable to kitchen knives and are utterly confounded when faced by a locked wooden door...

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Uwe Boll hires himself.
Only on paper. He rarely wastes his own money.

Until a few years ago ago he financed his "movies" through German investors who wanted to exploit a tax loophole that allowed them to fully write off and recoup losses incurred by the movie (a sure thing with Boll involved).

Part of that loophole has since been fixed, but apparently it's still profitable enough to waste money on his train wrecks.
Uwe Boll's movies are a different colour of awful. They're b-movies which I'm pretty sure he knows are garbage and doesn't care. Besides, nobody ever said this guy is going to be the next Steven Spielberg.

Maybe that's the problem. M. Night hit it so far out of the park on his first try that he's convinced himself he can do no wrong. He also seems to have surrounded himself with yes-men because I don't see anyone with a functioning brain being able to honestly say that these movies are anything near as good and MNS appears to think they are. At least not without lying through their teeth.

And yet my original confusion remains. Why does he keep getting hired and why do talented actors keep wanting to work with him?

The alternative of course is that he's the greatest troll since Andy Kaufman.
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