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Re: My Greivences of Nutrek. What makes me a hater...

There is more evidence of "fate" in the Trekverse than against it. A few examples off the top of my head...

-The Enterprise-D being destroyed by a warp core breach in a battle with a Klingon Bird-of-Prey (or three) in two timelines (Yesterday's Enterprise and Generations) three or four years apart.

-Seven of Nine replacing Kes in the Jefferies tube scanning the Krenim torpedo -looking for the same information but for different reasons- and being pulled away by Tuvok (Before and After, Year of Hell)

-Mirror Universe counterparts always interacting in the same place despite completely different circumstances (DS9)

-Kirk's crew more-or-less (no Rand or original Pike or WNMHGB crew) coming together under very different circumstances in two timelines, about 6 years apart (TOS, Star Trek)

-Kirk or Spock sacrificing themselves repairing the warp core in a battle with Khan, in two timelines 15 years apart. (Wrath of Khan, Into Darkness)

Also, all this time and I never realized Geordi was bumped up several ranks to go with his uniform change and new job!
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